Famous Quotes by Thomas Moran

About noon we made another water pocket in the lava rocks about a mile from the Grand Chasm.

All places that hold water after rain are called water pockets.

Before America can pretend to a position in the world of art it will have to prove it through a characteristic nationality in its art, and our artists can only do this by painting their own country, making use of all the technical skill and knowledge they may have acquired in the schools of Europe and the study of the past.

During the night I was awakened by a wolf crunching the bones of a rabbit we had eaten. He was not more than 12 feet from where we were lying, and it being moonlight, I saw him clearly.

From our camp at the pocket the wall of the Grand Canyon was visible some 15 miles down the valley.

Getting tired of back and bread which is pretty much all we have to eat.

I decided very young that I would be an American painter. I travelled the country over, and the West appealed to me. There is no phase of landscape in which we are not richer, more varied and interesting than any other country in the world.

It has often occurred to me as a curious and anomalous fact, that American artists are prone to seek the subject for their art in foreign lands, to the almost entire exclusion of their own.

It has stretched resources and capacity to the limit.

I place no value upon literal transcriptions of Nature. My general scope is not realistic; all my tendencies are towards idealization.

I use my memory. This I have trained from youth up, so that while sketching and coloring, I impress indelibly upon my mind the features of the landscape and the combinations of coloring, so that when back in my studio the water color will recall vividly all the striking peculiarities of the scene visited.

I was never under any master.

The color of the Great Canon itself is red, a light Indian Red, and the material sandstone and red marble and is in terraces all the way down.

The success of immunization in Indonesia is crucial to prevent the outbreak's spread to other countries in Southeast Asia.

The Wild Band Pocket is situated in as absolute a desert as I ever saw.

We had reached the Canon on the second level or edge of the great gulf. Above and around us rose a wall of 2000 feet and below us a vast chasm 2500 feet in perpendicular depth and 1/2 a mile wide.

We made several photos which will give me all the details I want if I conclude to paint the view.

You can't teach an artist much how to paint, you can tell him what not to do, but if he has any ability, it will work out.

Quotes about Thomas Moran by Art Historians and Art Critics

Moran's depictions of the American West have a complicated legacy in national popular culture. While he opened up these landscapes to the tourist industry that would (practically) overrun them, his work has also been vital to ongoing attempts to preserve them. His paintings of Yellowstone, for example, were pivotal in ensuring that Congress established the area as a national park. Today, his paintings continue to inspire the American public to seek out the ever-diminishing rugged spaces of their nation.